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Thursday, June 21, 2012

at school. I ran here and there. got stressed up with teachers and homeworks and studies and friends and stuff.

at home. I do the chores. when Im upstairs, the called me down. when Im downstairs, they ask me to go up. I got nagged for no doing my chores. I got nagged for the stuffs my siblings did. I got nagged for not studying, which Im very VERY fucked up because when I studied, they arent around to see me. so when they start nagging, they tend to say "all I see is you infront of the computer and TV. I dont see you studying."

well, that's because I never studied in front of you. cause when I do, you'd say Im a show off. and I studied just so you can see me studying. then you nagged for my bloody result which are freaking stupid (my result that is)

I studied okay. you may not see it. and my results arent showing it either. Im stupid, I know. you dont have to tell me Im stupid. neither does my BELOVED principle whom I love so much. I tried to act as 'dont care' as possible. but Im a human being. Im not perfect. I cant do all the things you ask. I tried to. but I cant. dont put your expectation too high. 


oh and for my dear deary classmates, schoolmates, mates etc, Im done being nice to all of you. I helped you even though you dont need helping. I lend my hands to you even though your hands are empty. but when my hands are full. I ask for your help, it doesnt kill to help back! Im not looking for repayment. I can do things by myself. but once a year when I ask for your help, does it kill you? or am I asking too much? oh bytheway, I dont like people too assume MY STUFF IS YOUR STUFF. if you want to borrow my stuff, ASK. then put it back where it belongs. and about my 'bekal' that my daddy sent. it is for ME. I dont mind sharing. but sometimes, would you atleast think about the owner of the food? I mean, you people ate the 'lauk' and left me the 'nasi kosong' -.-

again people, I just hope you'll be more considerate. I dont mind. really, I DONT. but sometimes I DO. 


Im sorry, Im just soooooo fucked up. Im feeling a bit better now. 

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