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»8 days to war!
Sunday, October 28, 2012

okay, when I said war, I meant SPM. yes, peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. I wasnt going to freak out at first, but to recall that I rarely read my books, IM FREAKING OUT! pffttt...

since I am definitely going to study on the eleventh hour, Im gonna make sure I REALLY STUDY and making sure what I studied, stuck in my brain -.-

see you on 6th of December. my last paper is on that day :) byeee ;)

*fyi: I start on the 5th of November.

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»BFF, insyaAllah
Sunday, October 7, 2012

bukak PC, dengar lagu Baby Don't Cry-Daesung. then tiba tiba this appeared first thing on my timeline. 

read and burst into tears. I really do love her. FIRST BEST FRIEND SINCE TADIKA kot! sapa tak sayang?! :( I miss you. and I want you to change and I want us to be friends again. Iloveyou :')

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»(ex) best friend
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear (ex) bestfriend,if you look back, we have (had) been friends for A VERY LONG time now. I don't know what happen. truth be told, there are some times when I cant even stand you. the times when you don't give a shit about other's feeling. you may say that I hurt people's feeling too. but, if you're gonna say that. THINK BACK! I may hurt your feelings once in 2 minutes, but you hurt mine and other's once in every second. okay, that's harsh.  -..-

hello and Assalamualaikum, Earth to you! people don't like you very much. I sometimes don't like you either. but when I look back at the times we spent since FOREVER, there are good times you know. you are my first best friend. we may not be best friends or even friends now, but..... huhhh..

I'm not typing all this to make you feel worse. but me and a few of our friends don't have the guts to talk and tell all this face-to-face. but here goes...

please PLEASE watch your mouth. and think first before you say something to people. for example.. you once called THEM "betina, gedik, perempuan, babi.." and some other stuffs. and you said, you don't like them and there is no point being nice to them because it's useless. well dear, since you're not hanging out with us again, HANG DUK DENGAN SAPA LAA NIIII?! *okay, sorry over reacted* I mean, you all get my point la kan?

huh, I actually have LOADS more to tell you, but I think I'll just stop here. there's no point Im typing sooo long if you're not going to change yourself. but if you do want to change, Alhamdullillah. 

anyway, takecare. Goodluck for your SPM :)

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»Imma VIP and Blackjack!
Friday, October 5, 2012

okay, as you know, I have NEVER EVER EVER like K-POP! hahaha.

last year tengah tengok MTV. then ada MTV Icons. Big Bang ada. then tengok p la. macam okay. then ada lagu Haru Haru. best kot. bila online ja duk dengaq lagu tu. then haru haru (day by day) aku macam dah minat Big Bang. sulu minat Big Bang dengan SHINee. then stop KPOP sat. this year, minat balik. MINAT GILA pulak tu.! haha I've declared myself as a VIP! hahaha.

tapi aku minat Big Bang and 2NE1 sahaja. and YG Family laa. yang lain, sorry tak layan :) so, jangan cakap KPOP dengan aku. hahaha Big Bang dengan 2NE1 boleh :)))

GD TOP Seungri Taeyang Daesung


Dong Young-bae @ Taeyang, saranghaeeee!


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»The Buttons
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dear Buttonese, lets re-group. PLEASE :(

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