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ยปI'm fragile
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

hey there, it's been awhile but emm... 

anywayyy. I just wanna open up now. um here's the thing, I trust my boyfriend. but sometimes, Im just I dont know. I just cant seem to accept the fact that he spends 8 out of 12 months with her! I know they barely spoken to each other. but I think most of the girls reading this would understand me. 

you guys practically see each other every week! when I can just see you during raya or semester break. I cant stop you from seeing her nor hanging out with your friends. but the least you can do is just tell me that she's also there. you may say that I'll get hurt if you do so. but it hurts even more when I found out myself. to see that all these while you went here or there, she had been tagging along too. 

Im a girl, but mostly, Im fragile. you should know by now. I purposely hurt you so that you feel what I felt that you unpurposely hurt me. huh. 

I seriously dont like to argue with you. I know you'll win. I've never won our arguments. and if I did, I now you deliberately want me to win so I'll shut up. 

oh and by the way, I cant help myself but to think negatively when you're not picking up the phone when I call or replying my text. I tried to think positively at first but after a while, the negative thoughts haunt me like hell! all the 'what if's' and stuffs. 

huh, IDK. bye

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