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ยปcooking is my passion
Monday, September 17, 2012

Assalamualaikum :)

hey, did I ever tell you how I love cooking? I think it runs in the family. haha. you see, my arwah moyang (my nen's parents) are chefs from Thailand. they migrated in Kedah to serve the Sultan at that time. they had been married as Siamese, then when they done serving the Sultan, they moved to KL and live there. I dont recall whether they had converted to Islam before or after they moved to KL. but anyhow, my Nen is an excelent mentor. she took care of me since I was 2 days old until 11 years old. then she had to move to KL because she is sick. but not sick, sick. she just has pains in the bones, her knee, etc etc. trust me, if you met her, you wont believe how old she is. their cooking skills is passed down to my dad. the minute he knew I love to cook, he thought me everything. he would scold me is I did something incorrect. I think his famous dish is spaghetti. whenever people are coming to my house, he would serve them spaghetti, and I would be the coolie -.-

on my mum's side. my tok, tokmama and everyone la love to cook. everyone have their own special dish. so, yeah. Im gonna stop writing now. kbye

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